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Information for Prospective Captains

USCG National Maritime Center  NMC

Check your application at National Maritime Center  (NMC), Site to check license status:

Captain’s School Key West Online Course site:

Application Forms:

Video on how to fill out all forms in application and send in packet!!

Application:   CG_719B Application

Medical:    CG_719K Physical

Drug Testing:   CG_719P Drug

Sea Service:   CG_719S Sea Service

Convictions:   CG_719C Conviction

Application Checklist:  Application Checklist

Electronic Filings

Miami REC:  phone: 888-427-5662

Charleston REC:

Boston REC:

Baltimore REC:

Other RECs:    Regional Exam Centers

 USCG Forms  USCG Application Forms

Online Charts


Coast Pilot

Rules of the Road

Lights List

Practice Questions 

Rules of the Road Quick Reference:   Quick Reference

Training for Mariners Link

Online Study Tools – sample tests! 

Social Security Cards         125 Ann St.,    Key West, 33040

Transportation Worker Identification Credential 

To make appointment:

Port of Miami TWIC      1001 N America Way #111, Miami, FL 33132 (855) 347-8371

To pay Coast Gaurd Application Fee:
Then click blue “continue to the form’ button
Fill out form with your information. If you are in the Miami/FL Keys area, you will choose Miami as your Regional exam center.
The next part can be confusing. Your total fees should be $145.
$100 for original officer endorsement,
$0 for Course in Lieu of exam and
$45 for MMC Issuance Fee.
Below is exactly  how you want to fill out the bottom part of the  form for 1st time captains:
Very Important!!! Email receipt to yourself and then forward to us at:

USCG NMC Application To Do List

  1. Complete the course. Put diplomas in application packet.
  2. Complete a USCG Approved CPR/1st Aid/AED in person course. We normally have one the week after OUPV class. Add diploma to packet. Diploma must be dated within 1 yr.
  3. Get your Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • To make appointment:
  • TWIC office located at 1001 N America Way #111, Miami, FL 33132
  1. Get a physical filled out on form – CG_719K Physical. All forms can be found at top of this page.   We suggest  Port of Miami Medical 1015 N America Way, Miami, FL 33132 (305) 358-4265
  2. Compete a drug screen on form – CG_719P Drug.  You may also use a drug consortium letter dated within 180 days.  We are also a drug consortium.
  3. Fill out sea service form –CG_719S Sea Service.
  4. Fill out application for license on form- CG_719B Application.
  5. If you answer yes to anything in section Section III (2) (Convictions and Drug Use), please fill out form – CG_719C Conviction.
  6. Complete pay the government (see next page).
  7. Send in your application or have us act as your third party agent! Send via pdf by email only!!! Email to if you chose Miami as REC Center on or if Charleston, send to Keep the pdf to under 15 MB in size.

Check your application at National Maritime Center  (NMC), Site to check license status:

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